Here is some of the work that I have taken pictures of. In the future I will start documenting everything in more depth to add to my portfolio.

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  • Remove all rotted material
  • Frame with pressure treated material
  • Install new top boards

  • Tear out old rotted fence lumber
  • Install new posts
  • Install all new lumber and hardware
  • Water seal the lumber

  • Prepare existing wall for studs
  • Frame in closet
  • Install drywall / tape
  • Build closet shelving
  • Texture / paint
  • Install doors and trim

  • Remove all damaged and weathered wood
  • Replace with primed fascia material
  • Paint

  • Install new fence posts
  • Build horizontal redwood fence
  • Pour concrete steps
  • Move rocks around steps
  • Seal and stain redwood.

  • Pressure wash redwood to restore natural color
  • Water seal redwood lumber

  • Demolish old bathroom
  • Install new tub
  • Set new shower tiles
  • Set new floor tiles / grout
  • Install toilet / vanity / fixtures

  • Tear out old sink and tile
  • Install new sink and faucet
  • Install new tile/grout

  • Install framing for storage room
  • Install door
  • Drywall / Tape

  • Install new tile countertop

  • Tear out rotted wood from inspection
  • Replace all rotted wood with new material